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Demand of Indian Languages

It has been noticed that though demand for almost all major Indian languages has increased but some languages have grown faster than others. The spurt in language related services for Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati and Tamil has been commendable. This could be because of the fact the majority of Indian diaspora overseas comes from these backgrounds. Historically, Punjabi and Gujarati people have been migrating even before India’s independence but recently people speaking Telugu have been migrating to the US as IT professionals.

Language and Translation Services in India – A Growing Industry

The translation industry in India is growing rapidly. The country opened to the outside world in 1991 and has actively embraced liberalisation. This has enabled flow of information and people from across the world which in turn has increased the demand for language services. Also, with the Indian
diaspora growing in the western world the demand from western countries to provide services and information to their linguistically diverse population has increased. This trend will continue for foreseeable future.

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